What should a Blog Media Kit contain?


Kata Juczi, JK Blog Brand, Hungary


5 June 2017

If your plan is to become a full-time blogger, you need to monetize your blog. One of the most popular ways to do this is creating sponsored content. I didn’t say anything new now. The main question is how to do it?

To introduce your blog to your potential partners and sponsors the first thing you will need is a Blogger Media Kit.

What is a Media Kit?

It is a document that outlines the key facts and statistics about your blog. It’s like a resume for your blog. A professionally designed and created Media Kit will tell your collaborators and advertisers everything about your blog, from the topics you are writing to the blog and social media statistics, that they need to know before signing a cooperation agreement with you.

A professionally designed template can show your partners your style and savvy.


What should a Media Kit contain at all?

  1. A short introduction to you and your blog? This blog bio is to tell everything to your collaborator about your personal motivation and your blog like the main focus and topics you are writing about. This section is to draw the brands attention about a possible cooperation. You need to let them understand why your audience is their target market.
  2. Statistics Now they are interested. With your monthly blog statistics and the number of your social media followers, you can convince your sponsors that your blog is a very good channel to advertise their products and services.
  3. Collaboration Options In this section you can detail the ways the brand can collaborate with you. The most popular options are 1. Sponsored post, 2. Social Media Campaign, 3. Banner Ads, 4. Contest & Giveaway. You also can create packages from your services, giving them 3-4 options to choose. Both cases list your prices to let them figure out what fit their budget the best.
  4. Testimonials & previous work References and previous cooperations are very good to show up your experiences and success. What previous partners telling about working with you will give you more credibility to the marketers.
  5. Contact info Include contact info to let your potential partners easily get in touch with you.



Designed by JK Blog Brand


As you see a Blog Media Kit has to contain a lot of information about your blog. To help you out I created Blog Media Kit templates what are fully customizable in MS Word. It’s very easy to change colors or put in your text, photos, and logos. The only thing you need is PC or a MAC and you are good to go! To make the process more comfortable all the templates come with a How-To guide. (The kit contains A/4 and US Letter size templates either.)


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